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 PRO2500CH Electric Poly Hopper Spreader with Conveyor Chain

**Call for pricing and installation**


  • Fits trucks with minimum 13,000 lb GVW (gross vehicle weight).
  • Double wall poly hopper has a 2.5 cubic yard capacity.
  • 12V DC-powered electric drive independent 3/4 HP chain motor, and 1/2 HP spinner motor.
  • Handles bulk salt, bulk sand, or a 50/50 sand/salt mix.
  • In-cab closed-loop controller with independent conveyor and spinner speeds, and vibrator control.
  • A high-flow design for consistent coverage at high speeds, with a 5-30 ft spread radius (14 in. poly spinner).
  • "Swing away" chute for bulk unloading.
  • Vibrator, top screen, fitted tarp, and tie downs included.
  • Forklift slots for ease of loading.
  • Backed with a 2 year warranty.
  • Made in the USA.
  • The SaltDogg PRO2500 Electric Poly Hopper Spreader with Conveyor Chain is designed for serious commercial and municipal users*. The spreader fits flatbeds, dump trucks, and large pickups (dual rear wheels with 8 ft beds and a minimum 13,000 lb GVW). It features a patented 2.5 cubic yard double-wall poly hopper that won't rust or dent.

    The spreader can handle salt, sand, or a 50/50 salt/sand mix with its 12 in. wide all-steel pintle chain conveyor and stainless steel trough. The conveyor is driven by an independent 3/4 HP, 12V gear motor. A 200 lb vibrator works with the stainless steel inverted V to keep your material flowing. High-flow design allows for consistent material coverage even at high speeds, and the chute can be adjusted to suit different materials. It also swings away to make bulk unloading easy.

    Intuitive in-cab controls let you independently manage conveyor and spinner speeds and turn the vibrator on/off with the flick of a switch.The spreader comes standard with a top screen, tie downs, and a fitted tarp.

    Backed with a two year warranty.


SaltDogg PRO2500CH Electric Poly Hopper Spreader with Conveyor Chain

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